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sport-peaceInternational Day of Peace was celebrated on Sept. 19, 2015 in sports and recreation complex Kyiv University of Law Sciences of Ukraine. On this day held friendly competitions on mini-football among higher educational institutions of the  Kyiv city. "Today with sport - with the future of tomorrow."

Конференція асоційованих шкіл ЮНЕСКОOn March 19, 2015 representatives from UNESCO-schools gathered at the Kyiv House of Teacher in order to participate in the special peace conference. Each school presented their projects dedicated to peace in Ukraine. Several schools which now take part in the Peace School programs also were among them.

Legacy of Peace“Diplomatic Ukraine” presented its 15th annual release on December 29th, 2014 at the Central Building of National Pedagogical M.P. Dragomanov University. However it was not sole release of that year. “Famous compatriots” book and one more book about life and activity of Dr. Moon Sung Myung, founder of Federation, were published in cooperation with Israel Embassy.

Korean journalists visit Ukraine - Kiev, Mikhailovskiy SoborSouth Korea is located thousands miles far from us, and cultural differences make us distant too. One of the main tasks of Universal Peace Federation are cultural rapprochement programs for peace and understanding. According to this goal in December, 2014 Korean journalists were invited to visit our country in order to give them objective and truthful information about events in Ukraine and to help Korean nation to understand our culture.

During the conferenceThat conference became a part of a wider series of conferences on actual problems of Eurasia, Europe and the world. In the last few years such conferences were held at UN HQ in Geneva and Vienna, national parliaments of Great Britain and Norway.


In order to address urgent social problems the Universal Peace Federation inspires constructive cooperation among educators, researchers, interested secular and religious leaders, and people from political circles and NGOs. Each year in October, the Federation is organizing an international conference to consolidate the public’s efforts in solving important problems.

kyi14-01On September 27, 2014 UPF volunteers took part in the annual social project named "Kyiv Youth invites!". The event was organized by the Kyiv City Center of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, supported by the Department of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. It took place in the Mariinsky park in Kyiv. The event was attended by 4,000 residents and guests – families, students, young people, parents, representatives of educational institutions and NGOs.


pidp01On September 17-24, 2014 UPF volunteers took part in the event dedicated to the International Day of Peace. It took place in the European University in Kyiv.  Ukrainian students and students from Korea and Japan form UPF side exchanged Certificates of Friendship with each other.
Participants showed short performances presenting the traditions and culture of their countries. 6 students from the European University were awarded the honorary title «Youth Ambassador for Peace».


velogonka01On Friday, May 30, 2014, in the Holosiyvsky Park in Kiev the annual international Cycle Race named “Horizon Park-2014” started. 10 Ukrainian and 13 foreign teams took part in the main start of the race. Participants came from Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Greece, Austria, Slovakia, Georgia, Romania, Italy, Germany and Bulgaria.


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