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Ukrainian Ambassadors for Peace warmly supported the idea of International Parents’ Day

20 березня в Києві відбулася зустріч Послів МируMeeting of Ambassadors for Peace was organized in Kiev on March 20. At first a report about World Summit 2013 that took place in Korea was heard. Everybody was touched with the advancing intercultural and interfaith dialog that becomes prevailing tendency in the world community and with the scale of events that allows Universal Peace Federation to keep leading position in the realm of peacemaking activities.

Everybody was excited with the worldwide growing popularization of the International Parents’ Day (United Nations Resolution A/RES/66/292, October 15, 2012). Regardless of the fact that the International Family Day and the Mother’s Day already exist, everybody felt the urgent necessity of the Parents’ Day.

There should be the special day when we appreciate and honor one`s parents, the day when we express our love to them. They are people who bring us to this world, who form our future. Absolute love, selfless efforts and sacrificial nature of parents do everything for their children became happy people.

Participants suggested to initiate consideration of this issue at annual conference in October, and to conduct previous consultation meetings in the Supreme Council of Ukraine in order to make that Day the national holiday in the near future.

20 березня в Києві відбулася зустріч Послів МируAlso at that meeting Galyna Kovganych and Ivan Yermakov, head the Educational Department of Federation, suggested that the representatives of Federation address to the nearest conference held by Institute of Innovative Technologies at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. In society it is important to address service and life for the sake of others to develop necessary qualifications which are so important for everyone as for future parent.


20 березня в Києві відбулася зустріч Послів Миру html m1e5b4759Yuriy Syedykh, the Head of Department of Cooperation with United Nations, together with Borys Afanasyev, inspired with the idea of intercultural and interfaith cooperation, suggested to address to the United Nations with practical recommendations on introduction of Interfaith Peace Council.



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