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The Conference of the Institute of Innovative Technology and content of education of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences

Науково-практична конференція «Компетентісні засади змісту освіти в 11-річній школі» 21st century, facing modern challenges, requires essential changes and reformation of contemporary education. Modern school implies the necessity of creation the life designed space for development and self-development of competent, competitive personality, able to solve problems creatively looking for changes for better in his own life and his country`s life. To discuss and solve such important issues, Nationwide Scientific-Practical Conference “Competence Essentials of Education Content in 11-years School” was held on March 28-29, 2013 at Pechersk Gymnasium  No. 75 of Kiev city. This conference was initiated mainly by Mr. Yermakov Ivan Gnatovych, Professor of History, Ambassador for Peace.

Conference was attended by scholars, experts, educators from Kiev and other cities of Ukraine in order to exchange the experience and generate new ideas how to form among young people abilities of integrating modern knowledge into more complex structures – life qualifications, abilities of studying permanently and applying knowledge in life correctly in order to be successful and happy person.

Науково-практична конференція «Компетентісні засади змісту освіти в 11-річній школі» At plenary session of the conference the aspects were discussed concerning the formation of the competence skills of students as well as issues of implementation of competence education according to the state standards of education. Participants of the conference had an opportunity not only to exchange experiences regarding to the implementation of the competence approach to education but also to develop practical steps and ways of work in that direction.

Through the online webcast participants of the conference also had an opportunity to listen about the experiences of Moscow colleagues concerning the implementation of the competence-oriented education at their institutions. Before the conference the practice-oriented handbook was published. It contains articles of Ukrainian scholars and school teachers who implement the competence essentials of education in their practice. That handbook was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the prominent educationist Makarenko A.S. and 20th anniversary of education and psychology of life creativity.

Науково-практична конференція «Компетентісні засади змісту освіти в 11-річній школі» Mr. Ilin, the Head of Universal Peace Federation in Ukraine, reported about the development of qualifications of Service for Society in the process of social and life practice. He emphasized that for young person it is very important to be able to build his life with understanding the goal of his life, his designation in life, to conform his personal interests to national, state interests, to develop one`s need to serve society selflessly.

At the forum students of Gymnasium presented the performance “Our students are competent and happy”. Gifted children entertained guests with their songs, dances, performances.

The conference proved that requirements of the modern world urge needs the reformation of education. It means the creation of a new Ukrainian school that would bring up a competent personality, create the conditions for his comprehensive physical, intellectual, spiritual and cultural development and multiplication in full variety of domestic and foreign legacy.

Participants of the conference came to the conclusion that education must step ahead, seeking for solutions of new century problems, development of creative abilities of students, formation of their designing culture, new ways of thinking and action. It will become possible due to an active involvement of educators, civil society into the process of definition of the key life qualifications.


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