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Kyiv Youth invites!

Юнь Києва запрошуєOn October 12, 2013 UPF-Ukraine took part in the project named "Kyiv Youth invites". 




Юнь Києва запрошує

The event was organized by the Kyiv City Center of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, supported by the Department of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. It took place in the Mariinsky park in Kyiv.

It was already the 19th time when such event took place in the Mariinsky park in autumn. Organizers of the event gave guests the great opportunity to feel themselves participants and heroes of the great event: to become a team player of gaming stations, tourist quests and sport competitions; to find a creative talent by taking part in various master classes; to attend a concert of children's talents; to learn something new and useful about the activity of social institutions and NGOs; to open yourself as an extreme person climbing rock walls, rope obstacle course and cross the territory of the feast on the trolley; and then to reward yourself for all these efforts by tasty and useful gifts prepared by organizers – to try delicious ice-cream and authentic Cossack soup, to ride a horse and become a real rider, to update your library by useful literature and magazines and many other interesting things. 

The purpose of the event was to inform the local community about the social services provided by a Kyiv network of Centers of Social Services for Children, Families and Young People, forming an active social position, involving children and young people in socially useful activities, as well as the formation of a healthy lifestyle and safe behavior in childhood and youth, promoting volunteerism and Scout movement.


Юнь Києва запрошує   Юнь Києва запрошує

The highlight of the celebration was the opening of the new exhibition "Believe in yourself" on the street gallery INSTALAZZIA. The exhibition shows the creativity of children and youth with disabilities. Often physically burdened people are very talented and openhearted. They want to share with others the beauty of their inner world through the drawings made with paints and pencils.

The event was attended by 3,000 residents and guests – families, students, young people, parents, representatives of educational institutions and NGOs.

On this day Mariinsky park turned into "The City of talented young people" with its useful and interesting streets: "The Social Street" – where you can learn about the areas of work and social services provided by the network of social services of Kyiv, government agencies and non-governmental organizations working in the social sphere; "The Knowledge Street" presented the youth correspondence, alternative forms of recreation and education for children and youth; "The Street of Children's Rights" presented the activities of government agencies and NGOs in the context of legal education; on "The Art Street" everyone could unleash their creative and athletic talents; on "The Scout Street" guests could try them as real tourists. The youngest guests of the event were pleased by "The Entertainment Glade", and the older children were interested with "The Street of Creative Experimentations". And, of course, "The City of talented young people" could not exist without "The Street of prizes and gifts", where everyone could find something he likes.

UPF volunteers took part in the quest for children on "The Street of Children's Rights". Children had to visit 8 stations which presented one of children’s rights. UPF volunteers explained to children their right to non-discrimination and held a short game in which children had to make a sentence from words «Who will you make peace with?». Children were inspired and enjoyed the event very much.

Юнь Києва запрошує    Юнь Києва запрошує

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