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One thousand cranes will take Ukraine even over Himalaya Mountains

зустріч Послів МируOn April 3, 2014 Ambassadors for Peace had a meeting where a set of important decisions had been adopted.




Ambassadors for Peace noted that under circumstances in Ukraine UPF set an important goal to form a national idea in society. In addition the proposal concerning basic values in our society had been made. Everybody was sure that such values should be high moral family values first of all. Therefore the next proposal had been made: to join in the development and distribution of family education course.

Omori Nobuko, Ambassadors of Peace from Japan, made an interesting proposal at the meeting. She suggested to make a garland of 1000 paper cranes.

There is an ancient tradition to make paper cranes in Japan. Gifted paper crane was sacred. There was a legend that it brings happiness and long life to people.

In Japan a crane symbolizes a woman, seemingly very weak and tender externally but very strong internally.

There is one very sad story legend about paper crane, which gave it additional meaning and made it a sacred bird of peace.

After the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima a little Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki decided to make 1000 cranes for the sake of world peace. But she could not complete it. Children and adults from all over the world still send paper cranes to her monument.

Omori Nobuko together with other Japanese volunteers suggested everyone to make a crane for the garland contributing to the world peace.

Omori-san emphasized that during the migration cranes can fly even over Himalaya Mountains. Therefore she wants to gift the garland of blue and yellow cranes to Kiev and Ukraine wishing to overcome the hardest difficulties that Ukraine faces now in order to always remain peaceful, united and happy country.


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