Universal Peace Federation, Ukraine

20 березня в Києві відбулася зустріч Послів МируMeeting of Ambassadors for Peace was organized in Kiev on March 20. At first a report about World Summit 2013 that took place in Korea was heard. Everybody was touched with the advancing intercultural and interfaith dialog that becomes prevailing tendency in the world community and with the scale of events that allows Universal Peace Federation to keep leading position in the realm of peacemaking activities.

WIHarmonyWeek002Ambassadors for Peace gathered in Kiev on February 7, 2013 on the occasion of World Interfaith Harmony Week. After reading the UN resolution concerning the Week and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Message, a decision was made to hold meetings with representatives of different confessions. 

Танець без корднонівUPF supported the Third International Children and Youth Festival Competition choreography "Dance without Borders 2012, held in Kiev on April 6-7 2012.

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